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Chiropractic: #1 Choice in Back & Neck Injuries


Chiropractic adjustments shown to reverse autism in 3-year old girl

January 3, 2014

A recent case study reported in the Annals of Sublaxation Research suggests that Chiropractic adjustments can help reverse and prevent autism and the issues related to the autism spectrum.


Reducing the likeliness of back surgery with Chiropractic care.

August 19, 2014

Who wouldn't want to avoid back surgery if there was a real alternative?

Countless back sufferers continue to do just that as evidence contiues to mount supporting the growing movement towards Chiropractic care as the "first option" for relief over costly and invasive procedures like spinal surgery. One job-related study says it all...

Support and Rehabilitation After Whiplash

February 6, 2004

Many chiropractors specialize in helping patients that have been invloved in motor-vehicle crashes.  While many problems arise after vehicular collision, returning the neck region to full function is one of the most challenging goals.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Nevada State Chiropractic License

  • Partial Permanent Impairment Rating Chiropractic Physician

  • California State Chiropractic License

  • X-Ray Supervisor & Operators License

  • State of California Dept. of Health National Board of Chiropractic Examiner

Private Practice

"We care for people, not just injuries."

Whether you need injury or accident treatment, have a specific bodily problem such as back pain or a spinal condition, need pain relief, or just want to get in shape, and improve your overall health naturally, Dr. Borselli may have the solution for you through Chiropractic care, nutritional therapy or herbal medicine. Many patients have benefited from seeing the Las Vegas Chiropractor and getting regular treatments.

The Doctor Of The Future

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but, will interest the patient in the care of the human frame, in the diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.   

                          Thomas Edison (1847-1930)


Dr. Kim Borselli DC, graduated from Los
College of Chiropractic and has been in private practice since 1992. She loves working with people. This is a place to heal, with a mission to teach you how to take care of yourself and live a high quality of life!

Dr. Borselli Provides Relief From:

- Auto-Injuries


- Neck & Back Pain


- Joint & Muscle Pain


- Neuropathy 

- Carpal Tunnel


- Whiplash


- Scoliosis

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Cervical Spine Anatomy

Post-graduate Training


  • Diagnosis and treatment of the TMJ.

  • Chiropractic pediatrics.